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Hi ladies....

Ugh, after reading your post I am getting extremely nervous. I am 47 years of age. I went to my gyno doc after having a long episode of bleeding. Had blood work done and pelvic and vaginal ultrasound. Had a biopsy as well. Uponthe pelvic exam, she told me the lining was too thick also. All the blood work came back ok. No problems with hormones, no throid problem ect. Not even close to menopause as of yet. The ultrasound showed 2 fibroids. they are smal and she doesnt feel this is causing the problem because they are small fibroids. Found cyst on ovaries as well. The ultrasound also showed the lining to be 2 times the thickness it should be. The biopsy came back ok. I am still wondering about this. Could there still be pre-cancer or cancer cells in my uterus? maybe the biopsy didnot get enough cells? I am scheduled to have a endometrial ablation and a hysterscopy done on sept. 23. I am getting nervous....Any insight?


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