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I went in and had my pap and mentioned even though I had been through menopause that I had had some minor bleeding and they did an endo.biopsy and when they got the report back they told me to get a D&C. When I went for the D&C they told me my uterus lining was too thick (several yrs. prior diagnosed with endomitriosis)and this was to check for cancer and when that report came back they said I had endometrial cancer-and would have to have a total abdominal hysterectomy which I did. When they do a total abd.hysterectomy it also checks the lymph nodes and they remove them in the abdomen as well. I'm glad I had it done and now am cancer free.
Hi Lynne1961

I too am 47 and had a Endo biopsy due to thickening of the Endometrium, all came back clear. My doc wants me to have the Ablation procedure done, but I have mixed feelings about it. I did harmone testing in the office through blood work, and it said all levels fine. I then did saliva harmone testing on my own and it came back that my Progesterone levels are very low, almost making me Estrogen dominate. To my understanding this can cause thickening of the Endometrium. I took the reports into my headache doc and he put me on Progesterone. My OB doesn't tend to "believe" in these kinds of tests. Anyway, I plan to ask my OB if I can have one more TransVaginal Ultrasound before I make my decsion. I would like to see if the Progesterone therapy has caused any shrinking. Please keep me posted on your procedure and how you do with it....I am also in Missouri, St. Louis to be exact!!!
Hi Lynn,

Please let us know how it goes for you. My doc wants me to schedule a Hysterscopy and ablation do to heavy periods and thickening of the endometrium. I did have a biopsy of the endo and it came back fine. I am a little nervous to have the other procedures done.


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