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I went in and had my pap and mentioned even though I had been through menopause that I had had some minor bleeding and they did an endo.biopsy and when they got the report back they told me to get a D&C. When I went for the D&C they told me my uterus lining was too thick (several yrs. prior diagnosed with endomitriosis)and this was to check for cancer and when that report came back they said I had endometrial cancer-and would have to have a total abdominal hysterectomy which I did. When they do a total abd.hysterectomy it also checks the lymph nodes and they remove them in the abdomen as well. I'm glad I had it done and now am cancer free.
Hi ladies....

Ugh, after reading your post I am getting extremely nervous. I am 47 years of age. I went to my gyno doc after having a long episode of bleeding. Had blood work done and pelvic and vaginal ultrasound. Had a biopsy as well. Uponthe pelvic exam, she told me the lining was too thick also. All the blood work came back ok. No problems with hormones, no throid problem ect. Not even close to menopause as of yet. The ultrasound showed 2 fibroids. they are smal and she doesnt feel this is causing the problem because they are small fibroids. Found cyst on ovaries as well. The ultrasound also showed the lining to be 2 times the thickness it should be. The biopsy came back ok. I am still wondering about this. Could there still be pre-cancer or cancer cells in my uterus? maybe the biopsy didnot get enough cells? I am scheduled to have a endometrial ablation and a hysterscopy done on sept. 23. I am getting nervous....Any insight?

Hi Lynne1961

I too am 47 and had a Endo biopsy due to thickening of the Endometrium, all came back clear. My doc wants me to have the Ablation procedure done, but I have mixed feelings about it. I did harmone testing in the office through blood work, and it said all levels fine. I then did saliva harmone testing on my own and it came back that my Progesterone levels are very low, almost making me Estrogen dominate. To my understanding this can cause thickening of the Endometrium. I took the reports into my headache doc and he put me on Progesterone. My OB doesn't tend to "believe" in these kinds of tests. Anyway, I plan to ask my OB if I can have one more TransVaginal Ultrasound before I make my decsion. I would like to see if the Progesterone therapy has caused any shrinking. Please keep me posted on your procedure and how you do with it....I am also in Missouri, St. Louis to be exact!!!
Hiya Pam.....

Is your doc suggesting a hystercopy test done too? My doctor says the majority of the time it is polyps for the cause. My doc is doing the hysterscopy first and said if anything looks abnormal they would biopsy it right then. I am getting nervous about all this. I donot mind having the ablation done. I am just hoping it is polyps. Another question I have for my doctor is.....having found fibroids in my uterus, is this ablation going to get rid of those? I facing this bleeding issue down the road due to these fibroids growing? Sheesh...can;t win for losing it seems. She also informed that, 50% of women end up having a hysterectomy down the road. She did not say why but she did tell me that. I guess this is a shot of fixing the issue before going through a hysterectomy. I took progesterone before the ultrasound.....I guess it didn't make a difference. I am just ready to get straightened out....Let me know how you do as well......take care!
I just wanted to say that I had dx. of endometriosis for years and had so much abdominal pain that after I had the hysterectomy that it was such a relief. It made a tremendous difference in how much better I felt! I wanted to point out that I had a too thick lining to my uterus and they told me before surgery that I had endometrial cancer and after the surgery they said it was a severe case of hyperplasia-which is an overgrowth of tissue I guess. I wish I could have had my hysterectomy years earlier though.
You are welcome Reba.........I know you must be scared as I am, too. Did you have a biopsy done? I did have a biopsy and it came back ok....but seems I read somewhere that the biopsy is done from a couple of snips of the endometrial lining and maybe the snips the docs get doesn't necessarily get the area ? Maybe I am just a worry wart? LOL I will be glad to get this behind me and NOT have a period anymore The ablation is supposed to make it to where you donot have anymore periods but I think some women have a light 1. I have been bleeding lots too. Did your doctor mention an ablation to you?

Take care and hang in there,
Hi ladies..........

Just wanted to let you all know how the precedure went for me today. I had a hysterscopy, D & C and endometrial ablataion. My doc did the novasure ablation. The surgery itself didnot take but about 45 minutes. My doctor didnot find anything abnormal, so that was a very good thing. I was knocked out but not under heavy anethesia which I was happy about as well. Takes so long to recover and start feeling yourself when put under heavy anesthisia.I was not in lots of pain right after I woke up. I started feeling a bit crampy about an hour after I was awake. The nurse gave me pain medication before I left to go home. I will tell you ladies, I was under the impression that I would not be in much pain at all. WELL..........LOL that was not the case after I got home. I was in bad crampy pain. I did finally get the pain in control with the help of my mother HA and pain medication and I am using a heating pad. Tonight, I am not hurting near as bad, i just feel blah. I am bleeding a little bit, nothing too bad. I will let you all know how I feel when i wake up tomorrow. I am thinking I will have a much better day tomorrow,,,,,HOPEFULLY HA

Absolutely have the procedure. You may catch something before it is too late. I had a sonogram and it showed abnormal growths in my uterus. It was biopsied and cancerous. Not that you should fear such a diagnosis, but your doctor is being proactive and that is commendable.
Hi Knightsr and Lynn - Sorry Lynn, last time I spelled your name Lynne.

Knightsr - I'm wondering if your mood swings, anxiety, migraines etc. could be due to perimenopause symptoms, I don't know much about not producing progesterone and I don't know why the lining would grow back but I guess it can. I don't blame you for wanting to be happy again and have your old body back. I didn't start having problems until I was 50, I just turned 53 and before that had no cramps, periods very regular, etc. We have 2 sons, ages 20 and 18 and after I had them my periods were the same. It's weird how our bodies can change overnight. I had my D&C 2 days ago and should have the results Monday when I go to the doctor for a post-op visit. I hope it was just the polyp that was causing my irregular bleeding.

Lynn - I sure hope your bleeding stops soon too. Are you anemic? You have been bleeding for a long time, I worry about you. Keep us updated.

Knightsr and Lynn - I wanted to tell you that both of my sister-in-laws had hysterectomies in their mid 30's and also some co-workers of mine have and they said it's the best thing they did, they feel so much better. I can't imagine anyone wanting one but I would if things didn't get any better. If my test results aren't good, I'm sure that's where I will be heading. Becky

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