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Hiya Pam.....

Is your doc suggesting a hystercopy test done too? My doctor says the majority of the time it is polyps for the cause. My doc is doing the hysterscopy first and said if anything looks abnormal they would biopsy it right then. I am getting nervous about all this. I donot mind having the ablation done. I am just hoping it is polyps. Another question I have for my doctor is.....having found fibroids in my uterus, is this ablation going to get rid of those? I facing this bleeding issue down the road due to these fibroids growing? Sheesh...can;t win for losing it seems. She also informed that, 50% of women end up having a hysterectomy down the road. She did not say why but she did tell me that. I guess this is a shot of fixing the issue before going through a hysterectomy. I took progesterone before the ultrasound.....I guess it didn't make a difference. I am just ready to get straightened out....Let me know how you do as well......take care!
Hi Lynne - I'm glad that they didn't find anything unusual. Keep us posted on how you feel. I scheduled my D&C for November 11. The surgery is at 7 a.m. and we have to be there at 6 a.m. (Yikes, I am a night person - HA). I started on some new thyroid medication a week ago and haven't bled since so maybe that was why I had the bleeding.

Do you work outside the home? If so, did the doctor tell you when you can go back to work? Just curious. Becky
I've been reading all of your messages and wondering if anyone has had any of my symptoms/experiences. I am almost 42, had my last child at 38. One year later I had the ablation to help with bleeding. My periods are very light, spotting, start and stopping, sometimes bad back pain and vaginal pain. Lately, I am experiencing terrible mood swings, heart palpatations, anxiety, migraines before and after my period, several urinary tract infections, insomnia, and sleepiness after periods. The list goes on. My hormones were checked and I am not producing any progesterone. I also had a ultrasound and my lining was a little thick with fluids. My OBGYN put me on progresterone pills for 12 days each month starting again once I start my period. She is hoping the progesterone will help reduce the lining. I started my period this morning expecting a heavier period than normal but it has stopped. More like heavy spotting here and there. So I go back on Wednesday to do another ultrasound to see if it is helping. My guess the lining will be the same. If it's the same my doctor plans to biopsy and possible hysterectomy. I'm not sure what do to. I really just want my old body back and be normal and HAPPY again. I know I'm not easy to live with having two boys 3 and 6 and a husband wondering what happened to his wife. I've had friends and family that have had a hysterectomy and they say it solved most of their problems and they are very happy they did it. Since I've already had the ablation and D&C 2 years ago I'm not sure why my lining would be growing back. Any advise or experience you could share would be nice.
Thanks for sharing!!!!
Hi Knightsr and Lynn - Sorry Lynn, last time I spelled your name Lynne.

Knightsr - I'm wondering if your mood swings, anxiety, migraines etc. could be due to perimenopause symptoms, I don't know much about not producing progesterone and I don't know why the lining would grow back but I guess it can. I don't blame you for wanting to be happy again and have your old body back. I didn't start having problems until I was 50, I just turned 53 and before that had no cramps, periods very regular, etc. We have 2 sons, ages 20 and 18 and after I had them my periods were the same. It's weird how our bodies can change overnight. I had my D&C 2 days ago and should have the results Monday when I go to the doctor for a post-op visit. I hope it was just the polyp that was causing my irregular bleeding.

Lynn - I sure hope your bleeding stops soon too. Are you anemic? You have been bleeding for a long time, I worry about you. Keep us updated.

Knightsr and Lynn - I wanted to tell you that both of my sister-in-laws had hysterectomies in their mid 30's and also some co-workers of mine have and they said it's the best thing they did, they feel so much better. I can't imagine anyone wanting one but I would if things didn't get any better. If my test results aren't good, I'm sure that's where I will be heading. Becky

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