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I know many older posts have discussed this issue. I've done a lot of internet research, which of course in itself can be quite scary. My history: 53year old woman, post meno. I have not been on HRT for 5 years I had a d & c and hysteroscopy for suspicious cervical tissue 2 years ago.. My doc said he got it all and nothing to worry about - all benign. Last year's pap came back clean. I realize the pap will not pick up uterine cancer. To complicate matters, my new insurance will not cover anything having to do with cervical issues - dignostic or othewise for another year equating to 3 clear paps.

Now current: I started bleeding after 3 years of no periods last Friday. I called my GYN's office and he's backed up for 7 weeks. I asked to speak to one of his PA's or a nurse. She said they wanted to see me Monday (tomorrow) and that while the doctor couldn't see me, they would have the PA start the process to check things out. This is what I wanted.. at least getting the process started. If it is something serious I'm sure I'll move up on their priority list or be referred to a oncology gyn.

Can anyone share their experiences with post menopause bleeding and the outcome? I'd love to hear real life experience rather than the same 'ole (much of which is contradictory) on informational websites. Any responses from those who had cancers or a benign situation beginning with post meno bleeding and not taking hormones would be a god send. I need to talk to someone about this. It's a lonely situation as I don't want to worry family prematurely. Thanks ;)
If a woman is over 30 and has post coital bleeding/ bleeding after menopause, etc, thenshe needs to get to the doctor. One of the things they need to check is the cervix. More specifically, the endocervical canal. They can do this by doing an ECC (endocervical curettage). Bleeding doesn't just come from the uterus. It can come from the cervix. Paps only scrape the outer 1/3 of the cervix. The upper 2/3 of the cervix cannot be reached by a pap. The only nonsurgical way to sample the tissue in the cervical canal is an ECC.

The ECC is usually done when the doctor looks more closely at the cervix during a colposcopy.

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