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I just had a pap. The doctor said the cervix looks fine. But there were some cells from the uterus that showd up. They are recommending a endometrial biospy to make sure the uterine tissue looks reassuring. Is it necessary because of that to have this?
Don't my opinion the answer is YES. All could be fine. If not the procedure could be simple and save you worry and a larger operation later.
I had them show up one year, and the next year they did not. The doctor told me that it is not uncommon for endo cells to show up if you are still having periods, and your pap was close to your period. My research on the internet seems to say the same thing. However, I am not necessarily enamored of waiting around to see if the docs are right. I plan to seek out another opionion.
Do have the biopsy. My pap was fine but there can be cells so high in the uterus that they are not picked up...[and I had a Dr who was aware and went well into the uterus.] A biopsy showed cancer when white cells in my urine showed during a usual Dr check.

I just went thru this. My pap was fine, but uterine cells showed up. I just had the biopsy done and just got results that everything was fine. I was so scared and worked up for so long. I know exactly what you are going thru, hang in there.

i had this biopsy done earlier this January 2009, came back negative...Thank-God, my Dr did recommend that I also have a ultrasound to rule anything else out. I will be going for that also. I would go ahead and have the biopsy done, by the way, nothing to it. I worried that it would hurt, but it was done and over with in about 5 minutes. hang in there.....
Hi, I just realized uterine cancer had its own board. I was diagnosed with adenocarcioma Ia1 last April and the only treatment I had to have was a hyst to remove my cervix and uterus. The only reason my cancer was found so early was because my regular doc did an HPV test when she did my pap 13 months ago and the gyn I went to for my colposcopy did an ECC (endocervical curettage). The ECC is the only nonsurgical say a doctor can sample the cervical canal. The ECC samples glandular/columnar cells that are in the upper part of the cervix (ward the uterus).

I don't know if the biopsy is right for you, but at least request an ECC. Personally, I'd have whatever biopsy the doctor suggested, but I am coming from a place of thankfulness where 2 doctors did one more test than they usually did.

And just so you know, I am 45, never had children, have gone for my pap ever year for 26 years, and have never had a bad pap. I am a cervical cancer survivor.

Good luck!

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