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Some help, Please
Nov 5, 2008
I am 67 years old. I went to my g/p for a regular check up and told her when I bear down I feel something coming out of my vagina, She did a internal and had me bear down and said it was my bladder.

It is time for my blood work and I ask her about doing the c-125, she said medicare will not pay for it but said we will do an ultra sound. Went for the US on Monday and the tech asked if she could do a trans. vag. US also. I agreed. She said my uterus is enlarged but did not give me a number. She said I would either be back in a month for a recheck or will have a D and C. She did say she saw nothing that was really serious, just this hyperplasia.

My GYN moved out of the area so this means going to a new one. I like most of you did a search on the net and have myself so anxious. I read where woman with thickning have to be monitored. I do not want to watch and see nor do I want a D and C and than end up with surgery.

What options do I have here? Any advice would be appreciated. I was reading your posts and the tests some of you had I never heard of.

I am having no bleeding or problems, just getting irritated at times from this prolaspe thing.

Thank you so much for the input.


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