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Dear Lucy, First off, please by the grace of God, take a deep breath.

I know you are scared honey, so am I. I have had nothing but problems with my monthly periods since the beginning. First off, every period was 8-12 days long! -- every other month was an all over period.

I went to school with 3 pairs of underpants and 2 sanitary napkins. Tampons, not for me -- the clots would force the damn thing right out of my body.

I started peri-menopause around 42 and it stated with rages, hot flashes, and night sweats. Around 48 I started skipping months and felt great about that.

in 2004, November I started bleeding and bled for 19 days -- didn't give it another thought because husband was sick at the time. Got it again in January and lost track of how long I was bleeding -- husband died in April and then I realized that 'wow, I'm still bleeding?!!!" and called the doctor who proceeded to yell at me. Uterine Ultrasound later, and an attempted D&C in gyno office that didn't work, landed me out-patient D&C in May, 2005.

I had no periods since 2005! Its was glorious. Then this October, I started to experience a discharge and pain in my lower abdomen on both sides. I called doctor whose office staff told me to get a pregnancy test since I was now dating and being intimate. Pregnancy test!! you've got to be kidding, I've two kids 24 and 21! -- well I did and thank God, they were negative -- now I finally get my doctor's appt (3 weeks later) Pap test in office, uterine ultra-sound and she sees a squissey area in the uterus that she called "a thickning" Sje chose to do a uterine biopsy and send it out.

When she did the D&C in 2005, it came back with atypical cells and she just said she needed to monitor me more closely and I needed to call her immediately if I didn't get a period or if I did. And this is where it lands me.

She said she'd be unable to take the uterus if there isn't cancer and I feel that I'm a walking time bomb waiting for that to happen.

We're both scared but we need to put our faith in God and hope for the best.

Write anytime. I hope yours comes back ok and I feel confident that I'm going to be okay -- after losing my husband, I don't think God would have my kids lose me too.

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