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I bled before menopause a kind of dark blood, after menopause I had rust colored staining off and on. Dr. told me not to worry about it for years. So during those years I didn't. Was diagnosed with hyperplasia and had an ablation done 6 yrs. ago.
After menopause I started bleeding everyday, not a lot of blood, just enough to wear a lightdays pad. Went to see the dr. and he said I had a polyp, took it out and the bleeding continued. Called him and he said to come back in and he would take another look. He decided that I should have a endometial biopsy which came back okay. I was told by another dr. years ago that cancer can be anywhere and if you don't find it in one spot it could be somewhere else. I was worried because the bleeding still continued. I went back to the dr. and he decided to rule out cancer he said he would do a d&c. Went in for that, and was back in my room in minutes. I don't think he even did it myself. The report from the surgery said they didn't get enough tissue to test. I don't know why not. The bleeding continued and even got worse. I called and they all said don't worry about it. I waited another couple of weeks and I finally was given an appt. Went in and he found another polyp, you would think if he did a d&c a week or so before that he would notice there was another one. He said I was oozing blood because of menopause and no hormones. I never heard of such a thing. I then asked him myself if I could have a hysterectomy. He said yes. I don't know why he never suggested it. Went in for the surgery thinking it was just a plain old hysterectomy and it came out bad for me. I was told it was not cancer the first day and the second day it was cancer. Quite a shock for anyone. I just didn't care anymore. They gave me a pain medication I was allergic to and I lost all track of time. I thought it was 2 weeks later when I woke up. What I can't understand is why he didn't see the cancer in there when he said everything looked good on the d&c. According to the surgical report I had lots of fibroids and edometriosis they had to cut away, that had even attached to my colon and the cancer was nestled in among the fibroids. Why wasn't I diagnosed with all that stuff and the list goes on. I can tell you if you are even a little suspicious of a dr. change to another one as fast as you can. My dr. was more interested in the younger girls than in me. He complimented them on their hair and how good they looked. Any bleeding that doesn't stop is cause for you to go find a dr. that will follow up on everything until he finds the cause without the patient having to ask the dr. for a hysterectomy. I hope this has helped you out somewhat. I am in remission right now after 38 treatments of radiation. I feel like it is a matter of time before it will show up somewhere else because it was in 2 lymph nodes, aortic and was in the bloodstream. They radiated the heck out of them and now I have swelling and fluid buildup in my abdomen and have to massage myself in that location. I am very hopeful that with Obama passing the stem cell research that it will increase the cure rate for all cancers, especially women and children. My hope is that another child will ever be in that situation again. Or another woman, or yet for that matter another human being. I pray every night for a cure. I am sick of seeing people get this diagnosis and every day live in fear that after they have gone through the hell they have gone through to get cured that it will come back. I am currently also taking the supplement for apricot seeds. Vitamin B-17. Hard to find, but I found a place to get them. I am still looking for the essiac tea, but I think I know where to get it. I was not prescribed any pain medication at all after the surgery except darvocett, and I never had them filled. I was in for 3 days because of the diagnosis I think. They gave me an extra day after telling me I had cancer. I came home and was very depressed and could not eat. I was so scared I just laid in my bed and watched the trees move back and forth in the yard. I cried and cried. Luckily I had a wonderful sister in Arizona that called me morning and night to make sure I was okay. She would not go to bed till she made sure I was okay. She still calls me today and everyday. Thank God for cell phones. I finally went for the radiation and was very sick after the first treatment and had to go to the er. I could not stop throwing up. They got me a pill and it stopped almost right away. I was sick to my stomach with kind of an ache and I couldn't stand smells at all. I hated the smell of the place and coffee was worse. I lost 54 lbs. in that time. Luckily I had a few extra pounds. I met wonderful people along the way, including one on here. She writes to me all the time. I just am so thankful for her as she has gone through somewhat of the same thing. I thank God each and everyday for giving me another chance at life. I won't let him down. I know that all the prayer lists I was on and all the people that were good to me helped me to reach where I am today. I am hopeful that it will just be a dot in the history books someday. Any other questions please feel free to email me. I can't figure out the private message thing, I did answer you, but don't know if it went through. santee

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