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Hi Santee!

Wow, that is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard a doctor tell a patient -- to have sex with your husband to make things open up easier to get a better sample. ??? OH BROTHER. What nerve. LOL! I love your response back to him! LOL!

You are right -- it never ends with the testing. Now you have to go through the worries of a mammogram. Sometimes I'd like to go to them, -- 'listen, you found cancer in one place, isn't that enough for now?" That's why I've been staying away from doctors for awhile because one thing leads to another. I just go for a bump on my wrist, and before I knew it I'm sent for: a mammagram, a thyroid ultrasound, a bone density scan, and then a breast MRI and then a thyroid biopsy. YEESH, I can never go anymore for something simple. Oh, and then they bring up the coloscopy thing. I want to say, "Oh for Pete's sake, leave me alone for awhile."

That is so fascinating that you've never eaten meat. I was brought up with it, but never liked it so I became a vegetarian when I was 26. There are so many reasons for cancer, and they can never narrow it down because I think there are multiple causes. For me, I feel the major reasons are the polluted air, water, and food. And our stressful lifestyles. Just like you, I was also in close contact with the chemicals used on the farm. I even remember leaping on the bags of chemicals as a child so that a "poof" would come out of them. And I think of all the times we walked through the fields and just picked up a tomato, a pepper, or an ear of corn, wiped it a bit and ate it. I ate so many string beans right from the plant while I was picking them. And they were coated heavily with insecticide. It was sticky and you could see the dead bugs stuck on some of them. Yes, I agree with you that you cannot get away with not ingesting the chemicals into your body if they are sprayed on the plants. I read years ago, that they found DDT in breast milk in millions of women back in the 70's. It's no wonder little babies and small tots get diagnosed with cancer. I buy organic all the time now, too. Our bodies got cancer which shows we have had enough of the toxins and can't take them anymore. I like to buy from the local farmers at the Farmer's Market. The ones you get to know and talk to and you can be sure that produce is organic. I'm happy when I find a bug in the lettuce because if it didn't kill the bug, it won't kill me.

Wow, you sure have been snowed in for a long time. I do hope you can get some warmer weather to get rid of some of that stuff so you can get out. I really feel for all of you getting frozen in like that.

That is amazing you have more siblings you didn't know about. What a large family -- and what a surprise! You have a brother, too.

Hurray, I am glad the constipation is better. What a pain that was, huh?

Thanks for the good wishes for my surgery. I wil go home 3-5 hours after it's done unless.....there's a small danger of them accidentally injuring the bladder or the intestines, and in that case, I'll have to go right to the hospital for 2 days. UGH. I said, "God, I hope that does NOT happen!" I take care of too many animals that depend upon me.

Thanks for keeping me updated on how you are doing. Have you considered trying any of the alternative medicine ideas? Someone was talking the other day about molasses and non-aluminum baking soda working for them??? I guess you drink it or something, I don't know. If I get the diagnosis again, I think I may look into some of them since I did the chemo thing once already and just can't go through it again.

Guess I'd better get started on my chores. Great touching base with you, again, Santee.

Trying to send some sun and warmth your way......


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