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Hi all, Just joined this site today to tell you my story. I have had trouble for years with discharge spotting after my menopause. I just didn't realize that it was that important and it is. I went to gyno for years begging for a hysterectomy and was told that after menopause this would all stop. I believed him. MISTAKE! He did an ablation because I had some hyperplasia which I didn't know was pre cancer. No one told me. He did the ablation, sent me home and all was well for about 6 yrs.
First of all I might tell you to find the best dr. you can. I didn't realize that my dr. was more concerned with his teeth and his looks and his younger female patients than he was about his older patients. I am 61 now and a bother I guess.
I started bleeding in May 2008, so went to my dr. who almost killed me doing an endometrial biopsy. She couldn't get one because it wasn't her specialty so she sent me to my regular gyno who I might add is more worried about baby delivery than anything else because the girls are younger. First he did the endometrial biopsy, said everything was fine, bleeding continued for weeks, called and called and they told me not to worry about it. It was not a little blood either, I had to wear a pad and change a couple times a day. Then he went in finally and found a polyp, took that out, and then he told me the results were fine and not to worry. Another 2 weeks went by and the bleeding continued. I laid in bed and just cried I knew it was something worse. Finally he did a d& c and said everything was fine. Called the office 2 weeks later and told them I was still bleeding. They told me not to worry about it. I did. FInally I told him I wanted a hysterectomy which he set up, he didn't want to do it, because the hospital was building a new surgery unit and he wanted to use it. Set the hysterectomy up for a month later, he only does 2 hysterectomys a week. WHy oh why didn't I go somewhere else. I trusted him. So from may till august the cancer continued to grow. Finally surgery day came and he did the surgery. He comes into my room afterward and tells me everything was clean and no cancer. I was so relieved, but relief is short lived in this world. The next day he strolled in the room with a somber face and said that the fda would get on him if he didn't tell me that they found cancer. Cancer nestled in among the many fibroids. I was so crushed. I trusted this man, I don't know why. So, then he tells me that it is stage 2 and it is encapsulated. Ha ha ha, what a joke he is. Turns out that this little baby wasn't encapsulated at all. It was quite large and had broken through the uterus and had gone into two lymph nodes to become that dreaded 3c. Did a cat scan on me and tested my liver. Then set me up with an oncologist in our town that did not make me feel much better. He sent me to the brand new cancer center in another town. It smelled from the paint and the cheap carpet and made me so sick when I went there. Anyway, met wonderful caring people there that set me up for the radiation. The dr. said that it depends on my attitude and getting out of the bed and fighting. They did 34 treatments of radiation that made me so sick I though I would surely die. The radiation to the stomach area makes you nauseous and I threw up the first treatment and they had to get me special pills to take. Insurance company doesn't like that at all. Had to fight with them too. Burns to my waist and belly button and other private areas became very bad. Got the cream sufladine and used that it helped. I am still healing, and have to go see the dr. on the 9th of dec. to see when I go for another cat scan. In the meantime I am trying home remedies that I have found online to see if they will help. I am not taking chemo, I watched a lot of people take it and they still passed on. I am not going to spend my life throwing up.
So, I pray everyday for all the people that have these diseases, all the movie stars, all the little kids and for God to cure all the diseases. I think I would rather have whoever is in charge of the disease line to forget the diseases and just give everyone an age limit like say 85. I know that isn't what will happen, but with all the money they get for cancer there won't be any cure soon for it. I am one of the lucky ones, I have so so insurance. We have to pay 850.00 a month for it which I believe is a rip off. Anyway, my warning to all of you out there is to keep on those drs. Men do not know what a womans body is like and they think most of us are quacks. Change to a different dr. until you get satisfaction. do not ignore any bleeding after menopause especially. I hope I have helped someone if you need any more advice I am hoping to help women out there before they get the bad news. It says right online. Over 60 yrs. of age and bleeding is ia sign of uterine cancer. I found it, you would think the dr. would know it. Sorry to be so long. santee:mad::confused:
Hi Santee,

Well I survived the out-patient surgery on Thursday. And without getting the intestines or bladder injured. Whew. I was a bit groggy, but I remember the doctor telling me she removed the ovary with the cyst and the fallopian tube and they looked very benign. That was good news. She said I had a fibroid in the uterus. That morning she had decided to do a D&C and just scrape everything out of the uterus and send it in for biopsy. I haven't heard back on those results yet.

Those surgical centers are so wonderful and you get excellent care. However, for things like this were there are incision(s) in the abdomen, it's not so great to have to get up and go home so soon after you wake up. I bled all over my clothes. Plus, the power went out (thankfully AFTER my surgery), and I had to walk down a flight of stairs to leave (and I had 3 incisions that were oozing). But I'm healing up better each day. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts -- they helped!!!

Are you having a little warmer weather now? I hope that snow melts a bit so you can get to your appointment on the 4th. Your husband sounds a bit like my grandfather who was also a farmer. He was like that with the animals, too. Yes, showing a little care now and then for their wife wouldn't kill them. Lord knows they want it when they are sick. I did try finding a guy who was caring and had feelings and I ended up spending 2 years with closeted gay guy. Now I don't trust any of them. I don't want someone cold but as soon as I see some sensitivity, I'm suspicious that he's gay and I don't want to go through that again. I think I'm happier just being with the animals. :)

Interesting about the stem cell ad in the doctor's office. Yes, why is it there if he feels so negatively about it? When you mentioned that ad, I think I remembered seeing one in another doctor's office recently. I don't remember which but I will be more aware in the waiting rooms next time.

LOL! about mammograms and the no-deodorant thing! I really think these heat imagining tests will replace all these cancer detectors (which give off radiation). You can get them, but you have to pay for them yourself. Cancer gives off heat, and they can detect cancer as small as a grain of sand, they say. However, the insurance companies will not accept a diagnosis from the heat imaging tests so if your breast shows a heat area, you will have to ask for a mammogram -- The mammo may not show the cancer yet and you have to wait until it does. Unless you can get the insurance to cover an MRI. This part is such a political game with people's lives. But I do think that eventually the people will demand things like the heat imaging units. It does the whole body. Nothing invasive.

That is very frightening what you went through with your surgery under your arm. I'm guessing they just put you in a 'twilight' for that or they would have had the tube down your throat. That's probably why you were able to come out of it like that. That should not have been a twilight, though, as under the arm is very sensitive. WHen I had the lumpectomy, they put me in a twilight --though I remember nothing. When they removed the lymph nodes under the armpit, they put me under deeper with a tube down my throat.

I see you are ahead of me with the baking soda and maple syrup. Yik, I didn't know you cook it and it tasted so nasty. That's hard to take. I hope you can get some organic stuff soon. That's all I'll put in my body now. My friend who is into Chinese Medicine and other modalities told me that once you have cancer, EVERYTHING going into your body should be organic from then on. But in my Veg Times magazine, they did have a list of some foods which are 'ok' to eat non-organic because they don't need sprays because the plant itself has its own protection -- so I guess they aren't really used for these crops -- (but how can yoube sure??). Asparagus was one of them. Glad you are making your own capsules! I've done the same thing with some things.

I will also pray for you that your pet scan comes out OK on the 4th so that you can get on that plane and go to Arizona for a little bit. I think Arizona can be such a healing place. It was for me many years ago. I'll think very good thoughts for your results on Wednesday -- and hoping you won't have to wait so long for them.

Stay warm and take care, Santee aka Carolyn! I hope you are feeling ok today.


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