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Hi S.Cute! I was 65 when all this started. Have no idea re thickness etc as I was biopsied and in hospital 8 days later. All a bit of a blurr!! Had 2 tumors in bladder which were scraped before radiotherapy. Have rare carcinosarcoma 3/4. Lost some lymph glands so do have slight lymphedema in my left leg. Two years and I'm good. Three scans show no probs and if the one coming up says the same that is a big plus apparently. I also had slight discharge but had been told that was a norm...a slight blood show, one smear only basically, sent me to the Dr fast and after that it was all go!! Normal cervical smear tests can miss the cells, even though my Dr said she went higher into the uterus than the norm, as the problem is high in the uterus.

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