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Thank you for your good wishes and yes it is a deal, I am determined to fight for as long as I can. I believe in my heart that we are close to a cure for all cancers. I believe that it is in stem cell treatments. I have seen a lot of it on tv and just on the doctors show they showed how a woman had such a bad back, they took bones from a cadaver and put the stem cells inside the bone or discs I am pretty sure it was disc. This woman could barely walk without pain. My daughter is going through the same thing right now and she is very young. Only her back is bad at the top of her back where they can't operate without the possibilty of paralysis. She has a young son and doesn't want to risk it right now. Anyway,..... No I don't mind if you ask me anything you want.

First, I had to get my mind around the late diagnosis. That was the tough one. I wanted to sue the dr. because he just wasn't thorough enough. Letting me go for so long before operating on me. I decided after all to just get on with living, I had come very close to giving up, very close. I was so down that I didn't care if I ate. I couldn't eat because the radiation made me very sick to my stomach. In all I lost 54 lbs. Which was okay because I was overweight anyway. I decided to put it all away in my mind and to just make sure that I let everyone know that they should stay clear of this dr. That is good enough for me. I have heard things about him since the operation that have happened with other people and this person. I wish I had gone to someone else now.

I was first diagnosed with polyps he said or just menopause or whatever, never really knew, just did the standard tests and told don't worry about it. That should have been my first clue. The best thing that ever happened to me was this computer. I knew in my heart that I should not be bleeding at 61 years old and had been through menopause.

After a D&C, and a previous ablation and endometrial biopsy I finally asked him for a hysterectomy. I really didn't think he would do it. I should have been firmer a long time ago. There is a history of female problems in our family, out of 6 girls I was the only one left with my girl stuff. I was afraid of surgery, so I just let it go. When the bleeding started I knew something was not right. When I asked him if I could have a hysterectomy he said yes, he made sure he wrote in my history that I was very adament about having it. I think to cover his butt. Surgery was not scheduled for a month. I thought it was because it was a new surgery wing. My sister who is a nurse told me that they only do so many a week and he is the only gyno in our small town. So there you have it a month more of it growing inside me.

You all know that he diagnosed me after the surgery as being cancer free, but the next day came in and told me there was cancer. I fell apart. My worst fear in life is cancer. The word alone is scary enough.

After surgery went home in 3 days, first diagnosed with stage 2 encapsulated. Unfortunately that was not true. After pathology got through it was stage 3C. Oh my world rocked then. I cried so much. The surgery was nothing to me. I was allergic to some kind of an antibiotic they gave me and a pain medication, but after a few hours was better, although I didn't know what day it was when I woke up.

I left the hospital in 3 days, usually you are out in 2, but they decided to keep me because of my diagnosis I think.

I went home and crawled into bed and that was where I stayed for weeks, alternately crying and not eating. I didn't see the point. I went for a second opinion at the cleveland clinic and they all concurred with the dr. Not much hope for me. So, after crying nonstop and feeling very sorry for myself, I did the only thing I could do and that was fight back. I went to see the specialist and he reccomended chemo and radiation. I told him that I wasnt going to do chemo, I would do the radiation. I was scheduled to go start radiation within the week. When I got there, the dr. did an exam to see how I was healing. I had everything taken out except the vagina. They said it hadn't spread to the cervix, or the ovaries either. It had of course gone in to two lymph nodes. I was frantic at that point and went back to bed and wouldn't answer the phone. What was the point? When you are given this diagnosis no one seems to know you anymore. I felt very alone that is for sure. Then I found this board and all the wonderful people that are just as scared as I was. I met a wonderful person on here and we talk back and forth all the time. The more people that found out about me especially my family that lived farther away. They put me on their prayer lists and just did non stop praying for me. That is when I found God. He was there all the time, I guess I was too wrapped up in my own selfishness to see it. I figured if strangers and people I didn't know cared enough about me to pray for me that I would leave it up to him. I am not overly religious either, in 2006 I was coming home from a family picnic and I saw some thing in the sky, it was a cross over our farm. I couldn't believe it. I just cried it was so beautiful, lucky me I had my camera with me and it still had the time and date on it. I know a lot of people have seen things in tacos and rocks and believe that they see Mary or Madonna or Jesus. I never saw Jesus, or Mary, but that cross was there. I spent 20 min. taking pictures. I goofed up a little, zooming in and out, but I got some good pictures of it. A lot of people explained it away as jet streaks. I never saw jet streaks go up and down like a cross. I showed that picture to a lot of people and they were in amazed at it. I said I think that I was meant to show it to people and that is exactly what I did with it. I don't know how to show the picture on here, but if anyone wants to see it, I could probably stick it somewhere and you could go see it, I am not very computer savy though.

Anyway, back to after the surgery. I went in for radiation approx. 6 wks after surgery so I had some time to heal. The first visit was a nightmare. They told me I didn't need anything for nausea because the radiation wouldn't make me sick the first time. don't believe that for a Philadelphia second. I was so sick I had to go to the er with a bucket under my chin. I was lucky my sister was visiting from Arizona. I had radiation everyday, I had so much trouble just going in the place, it was brand new and just opened up and the smell of the carpet and the glue and the paint on top of the sickness from the radiation was rough. I had radiation 5 times a week for 6 weeks, plus 8 extra radiation treatments to the abdomen where the lymph nodes were. Front and back radiation and it burned my belly button area most of all. I lost my hair, some on my head not much and the rest down below. 38 treatments in all. After that was over I was left alone for 4 weeks, they do give you medicine for the sickness from the radation. They don't give it to you, hopefully your insurance will pay for it. They paid for most of mine.

When I went back to the dr. he told me that I would be having pap smears every 4 months and breast exams and mammograms. The mammogram turned out okay and the pap test too. I thought that was odd to do pap smear when there wasn't much left.

A couple of weeks ago I was given a cat scan, I wanted a pet scan, but you know the insurance companies, cheaper for a cat scan. I waited and waited for the results, finally my daughter couldn't stand it anymore and she called them. I told her not to tell me anything till the next day, that I needed a day of nothingness for myself. She called me at 5 p.m. when I was going to go play bingo and told me that no cancer showed up. I was so thrilled. I don't know what the future will bring, but I am not going to give up that is for sure. I want to live and I want to hug the dr. that finds the cure for all the diseases out there, not just cancer, especially for all those little kids that haven't had a chance at life yet. So that is why I come here and talk to anyone that will read or listen to me. My one word of advice is find a good dr. I wish I could have found a woman that knew what she was doing. men do not understand a womans body. Especially the one I was going to. don't let them bully you in to waiting, go get the tests, I was so afraid of a stuid pap test, but I found out later that it wouldn't have shown uterine cancer, but if the dr. had typed it in his browser he would have know what it was.

I don't know what is going on with the lymph nodes, they didn't remove them in surgery because they didn't believe anything was wrong with me. My dr. said to leave them in there and don't take them out, he said let sleeping dogs lie. He is from India, he is a really nice guy, this is the guy that is taking care of me now. He seems like he is afraid of women lol. I think I have a little lymphedema or scar tissue, he said to just rub it. that doesn't work. Also he has given me dialator to insert once a day so scar tissue does not get in the vagina. He said they can't get a good test if that happens. He said it would be glass and it is plastic. Go figure. I am not going to stick plastic inside of me when who knows what kind of poison will leech off of that. I am currently tired of going to the dr. but still going. Feel free to ask me anything you want, I won't lie and I won't cover anything up. I am the weakest person I know when it comes to anything medical, and if I did it so can anyone else. Thanks for hanging with me. Santee

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