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I have been diagnosed complex atypical hyperplasia. I am 28, overweight with a LOT of health problems (type 2 diabetes, gallstones, enlarged fatty liver, enlarged spleen, sleep apnea, ovarian cysts, etc). Below is what my doctor wrote, can someone explain how they don't know if it's cancer or not? I have to get a hysterectomy, which was the only option (that I know of). Can they somehow remove the thickened endometrium? I've had thickened for 10 years, abnormal bleeding, bleeding during sex, dull pain...:confused:

As far as your ovarian cysts go, the ultrasound does show cysts up to 4cm in size on one side, and 3cm on the other. These don't appear too concerning.
The ultrasound appearance of the uterus and the uterine biopsy results are concerning though. It has taken a while to get the results because the biopsy was sent to Stanford for another opinion and I was just called with the results today. The pathologists agree that you have "complex atypical hyperplasia" of the endometrium (the inside lining of the uterus), and they cannot with certainty rule out a component of endometrial cancer, although they did not directly see that. Complex atypical hyperplasia basically means that the endometrium has grown, probably as a response to estrogen stimulation, and has a 30-40% chance of progressing to cancer. The best treatment for this is a hysterectomy - to surgically remove the uterus. This is more complicated in you because you are young, have not had children, and your size and diabetes make surgery more complicated.
I am going to talk to the GYN oncologists about your case for more input.
Please page me at the above number at any time, and we can talk.
I'm so sorry to be delivering such news over email, but I though you would like to know right away.
We'll talk soon,
Dr. S*****

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