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I am a 58 yr old woman who has been using mainly bio-identical estradiol now for 7 years with occassional progesterone cream. I have done this as my body seems to react so NEGATIVELY to progestereone. I understand the need and reason to use progesterone monthly and is why I was changing my combo. I have had two periods for the last three years , one in spring and one in Dec. I also have had annual uterus ultasounds which have always been normal. During the last period I changed combo of hormones to try adding more progesterone and bled for almost two weeks. After that I went in for my ultrasound. I have moved from the state I have lived in for 25 yrs where I had regular doctors and so had to find a new GYN. When she saw my results she said I needed to go in immediately for a D&C and how it could be cancer etc. I asked her what other options she had to offer and said I could take prometrium for 2 weeks so I would bleed and shed lining. I am on day five of 200mg daily and can barely function and have had constant one sided headache the WHOLE time along with many other uncomfortable symptoms. Can anyone tell me if the results of my ultrasound are so bad to have to subject myself to either treatment? [Ultrassound Results: Uterus 9.4x5.2x6.2cm
Endometrial interface is 1.03cm in thickness. Uterus is somewhat enlarged and nonhomogeneous in echotexture. No evidence of intrauterine content.
Impression: Slight enlarge usterus with leiomyomatous change without dominant fibroid. Prominent endometrial interface. Differential Diagnosis Includes: endometritis, endometrial hyperplasia, impending, ending, or ongoing menses.]
Thanks - Im really glad to have found this forum as it is much needed in our health care system of today. I look forward to hearing from you.

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