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Sorry it's taken me a while, I was away on business. I just turned 51. My periods used to be 28 days firm but about 6 or 7 years ago they started getting to be 23-25 days. I see a female primary and she said not to worry unless its less than 21 days. I haven't seen the gyn in about 7 years (they had to pull my file from the basement...). I usually see the PCP in June but I had my period so she didn't do a pap. In December we were on a cruise and I started with my period but it was a little clumpier than usual but not "heavy" - say two maxi pads a day but it was also more bright red than the usual dark red. It stopped being clumpy but still I was using a regular pad a day through mid January which is when I called the gyn. Of course right after that it went to a "light pad" level but I was bleeding still too much for him to do a pap two weeks later when I saw him but he did an entrimetrial biopsy which was negative and the bleeding stopped. I had a very light and very pink "period" in early Feb but then I had an internal ultrasound which showed a "questionable polyp" and then a saline ultrasound and he finally did the pap where he said that he doesn't like the way the uterine lining is uneven, could be hiding cancer or precancer cells he said and I'm scheduled for a D&C March 18. He said that the cervix looked tender and from either the pap or the ultrasound I bleed for about 10 days after. So that's where I am now.

I was just nervous about so much bleeding even though it wasn't huge amounts and my husband and I both travel on business a lot (kids are out of house) so between that and having not seen a gyn in a long time I didn't wait long.

Hope all works out well with you.


Can you give me some background into what you are going through? How many cycles did you have break-through bleeding? How old are you? You have been bleeding constantly?? Every day?? How long did you wait to go to the doctor? Thanks, Colleen[/QUOTE]

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