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Really worried.
Feb 28, 2009
I have been having abnormal/heavy bleeding since November 2008. As of now I haven't had a regular period. I have probably gone about 10 days this whole past 3 months without bleeding. I've also had really heavy clotting. Normally I would have little clotting during my period which would pass after just one day. But there have been periods during the past 3 months where it will just keep coming.

I've been to a doctor and had an ultrasound and trans vaginal ultrasound, but the doctor's haven't given me very much detail other than the lining of my uterus is thick. They're not very friendly or helpful.

Now I have to wait until March 23rd to see a gynecologist. Meanwhile, I'm getting really worried that I'm still bleeding for this long. Sometimes my stomach will hurt, then I'll start bleeding kind of heavy. But the pain is not like cramps you get during a normal period. My actual stomach will start hurting.

I don't just worries me because the only thing I can do while I'm waiting between appointments is do research and a lot of it leads to things that really scare me. I'm only 21, I should be healthy.

I'm posting this mostly because I can't really be that open about this with anybody else so it kind of helps to talk about it.

Thanks for listening.

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