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Hi everyone my name is Christine I am a single mom of 3 young girls and I'm waiting on my biopsy results. I went to my gyno on friday after having terrible cramping for months and menstral problems i,e bleeding after orgasm and between cycles,terrible gas and backpain I have my tubes tied and my periods have been extremely heavy, painful and lasting about 9 days. I have a history of endometriosis and ovarian cysts and my family has a history of uterine cancer, my paternal grandmother had a complete hysterectomy at 38 and I am now 36. to make a long story short I went to my doc and he said my uterus was really enlarged and and would not be surprised if there were fibroids and polyps suggested removing the uterus completely as my childbearing days are over and he did a uterine biopsy, I am now in the waiting game and worried I called the office today and was told the results were in but the doc was not and hasnt read them yet he would call tommorow. I was told the results would be friday originally should I be concerned that they are in sooner? Do they usually come back sooner if abnormal? I know it may sound silly but im just so worried, my youngest daughter is 2 and I'm scared.
[QUOTE=marymk;3935179]Hi mamabluvs3,

I wouldn't get too worried yet. I've had similar sypmtoms and here's the way it went for me:
At age 47, I had an enlarged uterus - 3 fibroids and thickened uterine lining. I had a biopsy and everything was fine. I'm almost 51 now and I've had about 4 biopsy's for the same issues. The one I had about 8 months ago showed some mild atypia, so I had a D&C and my followup biopsy last month was normal. Note - this abnormal results were a very long way from being cancerous - but still needed to be dealt with. I was also put on Provera for part of the month - and I will be coming off that in August if my next biopsy is normal.

My gyn expects me to continue with normal biopsy's (I need to get one every 6 months for a couple of years). I'm not completly through menopause yet and she hasn't suggested a hysterectomy yet (and I'm definately done having chldren!!).

Also, the time my results came back abnormal, I got the reuslts in a few days, instead of the usual two weeks.[/QUOTE]
Thank you so much for your response, I got my results and much the same as you they were abnormal in the sense of polyps and thickening and most likely numerous fibroids. My doc is scheduling my surgery to remove my uterus, My history is for alot of adhesions and endometriosis as well as what is now going on and with 3 little ones running around and the awful cramping and heavy bleeding it is affecting my keeping up with them. So, my doc and I agreed it would be for the best. Again thank you so much. wishing you health and happiness Christine Bruno

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