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Hello All,
My beloved Aunt was diagnosed today in St. Louis with uterine cancer that has spread to her cervix. Her gynecological oncologist had all the test results/biopsy findings in today, and he said he believes it is at least stage 2 and probably stage 3 and he called it advanced and mentioned something about there being two types of tumors in the uterus and that being harder to treat and making recurrence more likely.

He said the standard course of treatment is surgery to remove the uterus and cervix, followed by radiation and chemotherapy. But this is all complicated by the fact that my aunt weighs right about 400 pounds, making the doctor very wary of her even having the surgery due to the risk of anesthesia and post-op complications and he told us today he cannot find anyone willing or able to provide radiation treatments for her due to her weight and the difficulty of getting through the tissue to radiate the cancerous cells.

My aunt, mom and sister came home last week after the biopsy and other scans and were very optimistic, as they were told the cancer appeared to be contained to the cervix only and would likely be stage 1 ... so today we were stunned to find it originated in the uterus and is more advanced.

The doctor did not give us much hope at all and sent my aunt home to think about whether or not she wants to risk the surgery, while he makes a few last calls to try to find someone to do the radiation treatments. He actually said to us, WE CAN'T TREAT EVERYONE, which just broke my heart. I'm not expecting miracles and know she's in for a tough fight under the best of circumstances, but she cannot be the only obese person to have faced this and found treatment.

I am just wondering if anyone else has experience in this area and has any advice or guidance.

Thank You!!!

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