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Sorry to take so long to reply to you.. Just finished second chemo last week with no promises of anything from the dr. Chemo has just drained me and then I got pneumonia on top of it and was barely able to breathe, eat or drink. I am very weak right now but feel I had to get out of bed. Next chemo is next week. First, if you trust your dr. believe what he says, if you feel he is messing around with you telling you what you want to hear than get another dr. I underline that. I had a d&c and I dont think they even did it, I didn't feel like anything was taken out. With the size of my tumor if they had done a D&C they would have gotten cells from the uterus. Can't find a lawyer to touch the case and the days are short on filing now. He will get away with this, but I guarantee eeryone in town will know what he has done to me. My symptoms were bleeding after menopause, it was dismissed so many times as a part of menopause, what a bunch of bull, maybe for a couple of months, but not for years. Please let me know what the dr. finds. I am saying an extra prayer your way. Santee245

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