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I wish to update you all and Ariadne too about my latest position. I saw another gyn (a female one) on last Saturday. Her first remark after reading the ultrasound report is that the lining is thick (it says 0.9-1 cm - on day 23 of the cycle). She suggested me to do a diagnostic D&C in case something goes wrong. As I want to sort things out, the operation was done. No pain at all. The results are: several cervical polyps were found, which have caused the prolonged bleeding, and they were removed in the operation. Then the doctor found my uterus lining really thick, covered with some white dots. She couldn't tell what they are, but the thickness could be due to taking progesterone for nearly a month. In any case, all tissues sought from the D&C, including the polyps, the linings, the pap smear, were sent to lab for testing.

You can imagine how nervous I am in awaiting the results. I need to plan for removal of uterus and everything in case things do go wrong. Fortunately, my doctor told me over the phone today that lab test results show that the tissues are all benign. I am so relieved. And the doctor was then sort of justifying the need for the D&C. If the operation is not done, the next period will be very very heavy and long. In any case, I think it is more prudent to do a more thorough check-up to make things clear.

Now I hope after the post-D&C bleeding which I am having, things can resume normal. Yet still I don't know why there are polyps in the first place. And I have lots of questions to ask when I see the doctor tomorrow.

Now I have an experience to share with you all. I thank for all the kind support, advice and relief I found from Ariadne and this board when I was in a such hopeless and helpless state. I shall take extra care of my health after this incident, and learn to be proactive when in trouble. Wish you all nice people good health always. Take care.

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