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Thanks a lot for your reply, Estria.

I wanted to tell you about my condition.

When I am 16yrs, I came to know I have a 1.25 cm cyst in my ovary but according the gyn I had to undergo surgery to get it removed but she told me that due to hormonal imbalance I may have 50-60% chances of side effects like spondilitis, nerve weakness, etc. after the surgery. If surgery is not done, at the time of pregnancy, chances are there that I or baby may survive. So I thought I had continue my normal gal life and get the surgery done at later stage.

Now I am 22yrs old, all these days I had excess flow at monthly periods, pain abdomen, nausea, vomiting, facial hair etc. I had controlled mostly by taking pain killers. Recently I had got it checked again and the size remained the same and uterus got enlarged due to the cyst. I have now decided to undergo surgery. Could you please answer my queries.

1. Really will there be any side effects after the surgery?
2. Since my uterus got enlarged, will it be ok after the surgery?
3. Will I be able to conceive a child?
4. Is there any other alternative you could see in my case?


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