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I hope all your tests come out okay. I went for chemo yesterday and after 8 weeks now off of it am worried that I can't have it yet because of the low white blood count. They give me magnesium when I go, it is always painful to me. I prefer to have it in my arm instead of the port. It hurts when they shove that needle in there. If one of the drs. just had to have some of this stuff done they could have some sense of how it feels. I can not believe how much cancer is in our small town now. I believe a lot of it came from Cherynoble when their reactor blew up. I was out in the yard that week and it was blowing our way. but, that is my humble opinion.

Somehow I can believe after what I have gone through with my surgeon that they could have screwed something up with you. I still would love to sue him for he wrong diagnosis and waiting so long to do the surgery and what it has done to my mind. I am glad that I did not go over the edge. It was very tough to hang on and it still is.

One good thing is the girls at the cancer center finally are getting me a pet scan that is covered by the insurance company. Thank God. My family was going to pay for it. I had a cat scan early this year that said it was in my lungs and then had one 3 months later that said it was completely gone. I don't know how that is possible. I am so scared all the time. I am so lucky that I found this site. I have made some good friends on here. I only hope my story helps others that don't trust what their drs. say. They are not almighty and don't know everything. A woman knows when something is not right. Make them continue to give you scans every so often, cancer is a sneaky thing that goes on some kind of a trip of its own. Thank you for all your prayers for all of us that continue to fight this horrifying thing. If we don't fight for a cure no one will. Good luck on your ct scan. santee245

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