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I am a 53 year old woman with a scheduled biopsy for a pap smear that had emdometrial cells in it. It was done only 5 days after the onset of a short menses. The menses was my second one in a month which is unusual but I attribute it to a peri-menipausal state. Do you think I need this biopsy?
I had this happen when I was in my 30's. I went to my GP with abnormal bleeding, she did a pap and said there were endometrial cells in it. She said this is very common in my age group and they don't investigate it unless it happens 3 months in a row. She also said I may have to have the cells removed if they bleed profusely, they didn't. I spoke to my male GP in the same practice and he said the cells do not need to be removed as they will resolve by themselves. I'm now 56 and post menopausal, I did still have the occasional bleed, during my 30's but haven't had any problems since. I doubt you need a biopsy, but if your Doctor has offered one then I would have it. By the way my GP said it's hormonal. I hope I've helped. Cheers, Viv

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