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Hi Reach,

Oh my goodness, I hope your grandson doesn't have the swine flu, I am praying for him. Bless his little heart. He sounds like a cutie to me. I think our grandkids are our answer to not being able to spoil our own kids, we can get away with it. Please let me know what they find out.

I went for treatment today, but my magnesium is still down and they wouldn't give it to me because my white blood count is still only 1600 they need it to be 2500, he is too worried about what will happen if he gives me the chemo. Meanwhile I worry if it is spreading other places. That port I have is so sore from the needle they stuck in me today, they are supposed o numb it, but they don't and they have to use the bigger needle when they do chemo. My hands just shake all the time. They keep telling me to eat and I do try, I just really do. I don't think I could eat another egg again in my life, my husband made me scrambled eggs a few times and they were overdone andwhen you can't eat anyway it doesn't take long for you to turn on a certain food. I can eat olives, no nutrition that I know of in them, but only 4 of them and a small yogurt, prefer activia for obvious reasons. I can eat shredded wheat with no sugar, I don't know why I can't eat sugar that is kind of weird. My granddaughters mother in law is being treated and she eats everything. They must be giving her something different in her chemo.

It was nice here today in Ohio, we are farmers and the crops are way behind, we managed to get the soybeans off, but the wheat will be in late. Too much rain here. It is either feast or famine. It always works out for us, but it can be a squeeze. We are very lucky to have help or we would be in a real mess. I go back again next week and will really have to work harder to get that magnesium up. I have the pills, but they make me so sick. I asked him for a preventative antibiotic and he won't give me one, says just to call when I am sick, by then my body is in trouble, you would think that a person that has cancer would be able to get an antibiotic to have on hand, it isn't like it is something someone would sell. They don't make sense, just a way to make more money to get you in there.

Well, I will talk to you again soon. Thank you so much for your encouragement I do so appreciate everyones advice and help. I know I could never have made it this far without everyone that has talked to me. Give that little guy a hug from me.

your friend, santee carolyn

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