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Hi all,

After 7 months of 'no show' I had a very heavy, painful period, so went for an annual check up, had a PAP (came back normal) and blood test for menopause - the bloodwork came back showing I was menopausal.

I was advised to go for an ultrasound at the hospital; had an external and an internal; and they rang to tell me it showed a couple cysts on right ovary, a 3cm fibroid and a thickened uterine lining. An appointment was made to see a gynocologist at the Womens clinic, but the wait was about 6 weeks.

While waiting for the appointment I found myself having another period, this time normal medium flow and with - surprisingly - no pain. It started within the window of time I would normally have a period.

Then the appointment came and the Women's Clinic did an ultrasound. Took blood. I had to wait for test results.

They rang to say the bloodwork showed that I was menopausal.

Meanwhile, and precisely 28 days after my no-pain normal-period, I started spotting for a couple of days and had a few period pains. However it didn't turn into a full blown period. It just stopped.

About nine days later I went back to the Women's Clinic, an appointment to talk with the doctor about the results.

The doctor told me that this second ultrasound (just internal this time),
showed the cysts had now disappeared; that there were only a couple of 'folicles' on my right ovary (was told nothing to worry about); there were actually three small fibroids dotted along the outside-wall of my uterus at front (told nothing to worry about). And that my lining thickness measured .8mm, which I was told was a little thicker than the ideal measure of .4mm (we're talking points of a millimeter here).

So...heavy period, normal period, spotting....all within 'cycle' windows. Everything else checks out normal, though perimenopausal.

The doc thought it most likely all was fine but said it was up to me to decide whether to have a biopsy to check for cancer, or leave it a while, and wait and see - etc I think she meant, keep coming back for ultrasounds or whatever. Well, I felt worried. If I waited, what if it [I]was[/I] cancerous? At the immediate moment I said I'd like to get it checked out.

However, my main concern is - i am in two minds. I don't feel I have enough information to make an informed decision. Intuitively I feel....hmm, a lining that is only .8 mm is hardly worth checking out. Especially now that I've read other threads that mention that the presence of fibroids had made one lady's lining look thicker than it really was. Also, I asked about any complications of biopsy and was told there is slight risk of puncturing wall of colon or bladder. I've heard one can be in pain afterwards, for days, and spotting afterwards, for days. I'm also thinking, once 'on the band-waggon', even if all is fine, I'd probably end up having to go for biopsy on a regular basis?

I hate to say this next bit be truthful it did even cross my mind...that we live in a small town, low population, plenty of hospitals. The health care industry is an industry and needs to keep ticking over, and all appointments honored is another dollar in the pocket help. But on a positive note, it's wonderful to have a health care system that cares so very much as to investigate every possibility.

So, question is, do I go for a biopsy and start that whole process going in my I get a second I just wait a while and get another ultrasound should anything else untoward happen in the next year or so.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this.

HOping it isn't too much information to absorb.

You don't say how old you are. If you are having trouble with your periods or still bleeding after menopause that is not normal. I found out the hard way. If it puts your mind at ease go for the biopsy. My dr. was an idiot and he still is. Hopefully you have a good one. I had to ask for hysterectomy and they found cancer in me.

Thanks Mary and Santee. Very helpful both. Hoping you recovered well Santee. It sounds like an awful experience you had with your Gyn.

Your experience Mary, is exactly what I'm trying to avoid...but after having thought long and hard, I've now realised there is no alternative way - ie that these repeated tests have to be done in order to be absolutely sure. And now I've opted to take care of myself there's no 'half-way' about it, lol :-)

I am 49 actually, sorry I omitted to mention...and this year has turned out to be my transitional one, so EVerything is up in the air says the Gyn.

To my comfort, there's no history of uterine or other femail cancers on either side of the family. I started ovulating late (almost 16 yrs), I only used the Pill between 18-27 yrs of age, have had two children, both normal deliveries when age 27 and 29 yrs; and successfully breastfed both, one for 3- and one for 9- months.

It was in Sept 2008 I found out I was PERIMENOPAUSAL, but it wasn't until Nov/Dec that I realised I hadn't had a Period for a while (was always kind of expecting one to turn up, you know the feeling, they had just become overly Irregular, hence blood test).

In July 2009 bloodwork came back as POSTMENOPAUSAL and thats when I'd had that really heavy painful Period that lasted 10 days. 44 days later I had another Period, this time NO pain, which I thought was very unusual, first time ever. 28 days after that I had spotting and period pains but they turned into nothing after two days.

7th October, the attempted Biopsy in the Gyn office was unsuccessful due to cervix too tight, and it resulted in spotting for two days afterwards, which stopped, then started again today (a small clot), 11th, but it had stopped by the afternoon.

Throughout I"ve had normal Thyroid and normal PAPs and blood work in every other regard has been Normal apart from a slightly anemic spell after the heavy Period in July.

Re: Fybroids and cysts:
July-Sept they found three small fybroids outer front uterus and a couple ovarian cysts on Right ovary that subsequently disappeared (to be replaced by 2 folicles same ovary) and a thickened uterine lining. I was only told the measurement of it mid Sept, at .8mm.

Adding it all up there is one culprit as yet not mentioned and that is, that for the past few years I've been struggling with weight-gain (was always naturally skinny when younger - and wished I were fatter!) prayers were answered and I have been heaviest yet this year (in the officially 'overwieght' range, but NOT 'obese' thankfully.) But end of August I'd successfully started and stuck with a diet and have lost 20lbs so far - and feel terrific for it....but such is life!

So, I guess weight, causing excess estrogen, is risk factor number one. And the blood coming back POSTmenopausal while I had a heavy period, then two other seeming periods (as you mentioned Santee) that's worry factor number two.

My Gyn. said she's seen EVery scenario....even Postmenopausal changing to Perimenopausal and back again; thickened linings that are fine etc.

SOooo....I've opted to go for the D&C, but - as it's an elective - I'd relish a second opinion and another blood test. The appointment is not until 23 November so I'm hoping for a cancellation. Otherwise a change of venue, just to get it over with, and to know!

One question: can anyone describe their experience of having a D&C? I have'nt had a pre-op appointment yet to discuss anything, so I know I'll be told, but it'd be nice to know from someone who has been 'on the table' as it were!

Many thanks again all. Truly appreciated :-)

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