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how thick is the lining of the uterus
i tried to look this up for you- all i found out is that the uterus is 7.5 cm long and 5 cm wide. it weighs approximately 40 grams.

i hope someone will answer this for you.

good luck!
Are you talking about the endometrium?

If I remember right, in general, it is 8-13mm thick.

But the thickness also varies depending on where you are at in your cycle. It generally sheds every 28 days.

Not sure what you are looking for though...
Thanks guys

Well I went for a scan (bad bad lower back pain)and the doc there said the lining was twice what it should be, 16 not 8. Now been back to the gp and she saying I have endometriosis. So I looked it up on internet as you do and I'm not so sure :confused: I'm 29 pushing 30 and have had 5 kids. All I want is not to be in pain all the time, and to get some sleep.
It is driving me nuts :mad:
Did the Dr talk to you about an ablation or anything to help with the pain?
all she said was that I just gotta cope with the pain and use heat pads, gr8 help:dizzy: Did call the doc today said I wasn't happy so waiting to see gynie.
Yeah the Gyno will help much more then the regular doctor only because of the specialties. Keep us updated.


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