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I don't want to make this too long, but not sure how to do it with just a few sentences. I have never had regular periods. ever..they were every 35 day 50 days, 60 days etc. In 2005 I had my last period but never thought about menopause because I didn't have any symptoms. None. I mean I was 39 then and didn't think much about it. About 9 months ago, I had some staining when I went to the washroom. Dark, like old blood. Didn't really concern me. Keep happening off and on then about 4 months ago when I went to the bathroom and wiped I had some red blood. Again went off and on. Just a tiny bit not a lot at all. Well about 8 weeks ago, I had some red blood for about 4 days and I thought my periods had started again, with that I had the cramps and back ache and the achy breasts. Well, I went to my doctor because I was worried and she took some blood did a pap and pelvic exam. Said ovaries felt ok and uterus too. Yesterday she called me and said that I was in menopause!! All the other blood tests were ok, not anemic, red and white blood cells good...I was shocked.:eek:Well she said now we have to figure why your bleeding. Of course I thought cancer right away and she said it could be but could be other things as well. She has seen this with hormonal imbalances, which she said I have of course low estrogen. She had thought my periods were starting again. I freaked out because my Mom had breast cancer and didn't make it, and when I was younger I was molested by a doctor so I am freaking out now. She wants me to schedule a biopsy with a gyno near here and I am going to call Monday. I am scared out of my mind, I can't sleep, I am having panic attacks and have no support at all from anyone. Another problem is when she was doing the pap test I was in so much pain because I have what she says is scar tissue at the opening of the vagina and I need to use dilators to fix the problem. So how the heck is the gyno going to do a biopsy if I am like that?? Does anyone know if there are any other things that can cause bleeding and its not cancer?? I am so scared. My breasts ache often now as well and I don't know why, they use to do that prior to my periods. Sorry this is all over the place, and long, I had no intention of doing that. Please can someone help me with my questions. Can it be anything other then cancer, does a biopsy hurt, if I had the dark spotting this long and it is cancer can I survive???

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