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I have read alot about this because I had to take tamoxafen for a couple of years post breast cancer and tamox can cause uterine thickening.

From what I know, uterine thickening can be fairly common post menopause but rarely means uterine cancer. The biopsy of course will confirm this. The next step might be to rx something like promentrium ( a progesteron med) which is know to thin the uterus. I think there are other options as well.

But mostly they will just wan't to moniter periodically with a trans vaginal ultrasound and follow-up tests as needed.

After having an ultrasound in November and found out I had 14 mm uterine lining they said it should be 4-8mm. The next step was to do the endometrial biopsy in the office. They tried and it was so painful the gyn stopped and 2 weeks later he did a d&c in the hospital with a hysterosopy all with not cutting involved. The took the sample and I am still waiting the outcome of the results I had hoped to find out today good or bad. If it is bad I will most likely have the uterus removed right away which is fine with me if that gets it gone. I will post the outcome hopefully tomorrow. That is the order my gyn has taken me and it has been fast. This is the first occurence of long term bleeding at the age of 45 so the gyn said he would be able to move quickly if necessary. All in this situation must have the biopsy to be sure is my understanding. Will post soon.

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