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Its a good thing that you share your story with everyone because it helps new women to understand what they are going through. I have an appt on May 10th to find out the results so it will be awhile before I find out but when I do I will let you know. She was able to tell me that she saw nothing abnormal but have to wait for the biopsy report to be sure.
Hi April, hi everyone :)

I am glad you shared your story April and that others are sharing theirs too because it is very helpful and comforting to know that others are going through similar experiences or that they are just there to be supportive and encouraging, even if they haven't been through it.

I popped in tonight because this was the first place I thought of finding answers for myself. I have not had a period in over a year (as far as i know). I just continually bleed...non stop, everyday. Sometimes it is only spotting, but other days it is EXREMELY heavy with huge clots, sometimes 4 to 5 inches. The heavy bleeding and clots has become a common occurance over the past 2 months. Now 2 months later, it is even worse. I will put a pad on and soak through my clothing within 15 minutes, put another pad on, same thing happens, again and again. Then I get nauseated and lightheaded. So this was scaring me and I called my gynecologist. I hadn't seen her since my last child was born in 1991, I'm now 39.

I saw her 3 weeks ago.....She said "we need to do a pap smear but I am not sure we will get good results because you are bleeding so much". So she did that. Then she wanted me back for an ultrasound and a endometial biopsy which they did today. OUCH! it hurt! She told me that my uterus lining is very thick at 15mm. She straight out told me that she is very concerned that I might have uterine cancer because of the lining thickness and the severe bleeding and clotting that have been an everyday occurance.

I am wondering when i will get my pathology results back. I wasn't scared at first when she told me the chance of cancer, but now I am. I just wanted to come here and tell my story. Everything I seem to read today when I type in my symptoms points to uterine cancer. I feel totally down and bummed and anxious too. If I have to wait a week for results, that just seems too long! Maybe I will learn patience through this.

Oh also, I meant to say that tomorrow I start some medicine called Provera which is supposed to help control the bleeding.

Thanks for listening whoever reads this. I apologize for it being so long, but I really just needed to type and talk this out.


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