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Apr 20, 2010
my 61 yr old wife has been diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma of uterous. She had a benign fibroid in the uterus for almost 30 yrs with avrage size of 4.3x 5 x 4.8 cm which was annually watched througfh ultra sonaography. Last year some degeration was indicated in the centre of the fibrroid . Within one year the fibriod got enlarged to 13.4x9.6x 12.7 on 26th March. Extended radical hysterectomy was done on 14th April. The leiomyosacoma lesion is confoined to the uterus. A rim of normal myometrium 0.5 to 0.8 cm is seen in the periphery. No extrauterine extension was indicated. The excised overies, fallopian tubes, Omentum, iliac lymph nodes which were excised all found to be clean.

What is the degree of risk of reccurrence ?
Whether any aggressive treatment or only observation necessary ?
What are her chance of survival and beyond how many years ?b

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