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[QUOTE=deedee25;4243304]I haven't had any bleeding, but I did have a routine pap that showed endometrial cells, which aren't apparently supposed to be there. Had ultrasound that was okay, but now I have to still have a biopsy. I actually waited an entire week to get the ultrasound results and only got them because I was the one who made the call. I can only imagine how long it will be to get the biopsy results. Why can't they realize how stressed we are with the waiting and have the courtesy to call - or at least to say up front that it will be 2 weeks, or w/e.

You said that everything looked fine. Same with me. Maybe they are just being extra-cautious by doing the biopsy. Hopefully, that will confirm for both of us that all is well.

May I ask how the biopsy was? At all painful?[/QUOTE]

I was surprised that I didn't have to go for the vaginal ultrasound before I had a biopsy done... it seems most women have that done first. I'm still waiting to get my pap results back - had it done a week ago and was told that it could take 2 wks .. what takes them so long ?????

I was so nervous about having the biopsy after reading posts from women who have had it but I have to tell you that it wasn't that bad. 24 hrs prior I had to take ibuprofen 800 mg 4 X day (but I took much less since it was bothering my stomach) and the evening before the biopsy I was given 2 tablets to insert in my vagina to soften the cervix which gave me a bit of cramping. I had the hyteroscopy and biopsy done and it wasn't bad at all. Just felt a little pinching and slight cramping which didn't last long at all. It only took a short time to do it and really wasn't bad at all. Right after, I got dressed and drove myself home without any pain. When I returned home, I had a bit of very, very light cramping and some blood which is normal - so please don't be afraid.....

Also, she gave me a shot in the butt - I guess it was some type of pain killer.

Now the waiting ....... which is so hard....

Good luck to you and please let me know how things go for you.

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