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Hello everyone. I am new here, and hoping to find some answers and relieve my concerns. I am 34 years old, and have a history of HPV. I have been having severe bleeding during periods, and they are lasting a lot longer than usual (10 days at times). I went for a pap smear a few weeks ago, and the Dr. also wanted to do an endometrial biopsy since I was having the heavy bleeding. However, she was unsuccesful in getting it because she said the uterine lining was to thick, and I was very uncomfortable during the procedure so she did not want to keep trying. I had a LEAP procedure several years back due to some abnormal cells on my cervix. This time my pap smear came back normal. She wanted to do an ultrasound to check on the thickness of my uterine wall. So yesterday I went for the ultrasound, and shortly thereafter I seen the Dr. She tells me that my uterinie lining is 24mm and 5mm is normal. She then explains that she really needs to get the biopsy and so she did it in the office again after numbing my cervix, and was able to get the sample. Is this amount of thickness on the uterus lining a sign of cancer. Since it is a holiday weekend, I won't have test results back till middle of next week, and I am worrying myself sick. Any body been through the same thing?
Hello Pme and welcome to the forum :wave:. I also had a thick lining mine was 19mm and so I had a biopsy by a D & C and mine turned out not cancerous so there is a good chance you do not have cancer. I know waiting is hard and your mind (if its anything like mine) tends to think the worse but from what I understand is uterine cancer is highly curable when caught in its early stages.

Good Luck Hun and let us know the results ok :)
Well, my biopsy results came back good. However, I am going to have a hysterectomy on June 22 as they say I have ademoyosis. I am very nervous about the surgery, and afraid they will still find something once they go in. I have my pre op appointment tomorrow with the Dr. to find out what to expect.

Wow--I think having a hysterectomy is a rather drastic approach. There are many other less invasive procedures that will take care of a thicken lining. My lining measured 18 mm and my doctor did a hysterscope which showed that I had a large uterine polyp and than he did a d&c to take out the whole lining which was sent to pathology to make sure that there was not any abnormal tissue
There is also medication that can be giving that will force your body to shed the lining.
Is there a particular reason why this doctor feels it is necessary to immediately do a hysterectomy?
My doctor will not even do a hysterectomy on me and I have been asking him for four years now.
Hello Pme, thank you for sharing the results. Did they say what type of procedure you will be having? I am having the abdominal type, the doctor mentioned robotic?? not sure at all what that means but don't thnk I want a robot working on me :eek:

I hope all goes well for you.

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