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[QUOTE=Dianegiff;4261951]Hi,I am 54 also. I had 3 weeks of very light spotting. My hormone levels verified I am post menopause. Pap okay Had the ultra sound 13mm thick uterus. I am scheduled for a DNC. Gyne said I could have the biopsy in the office or the DNC. I asked her what she would do and she said the DNC will give you 100% positive results. So That is what I am going to do. Let me know how things work out for you today

I wasn't given the option, after the ultrasound my GYN scheduled the endometrial biopsy, and that is what I had this afternoon. The biopsy procedure was very "uncomfortable", the cramping was much more severe than I had anticipated...on the plus side, it was over with in a few minutes.
I am told I can expect results in a week to ten it is back to the waiting game! Best of luck to you to, and to everyone waiting for "test results". Sometimes a day for the "lab" is a lifetime to those of us waiting to hear the outcome of the tests!

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