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The first thing a gyncologist considers with a thicken uterine lining is Uterine Cancer--however, quite a few post menopausal women have a thicken uterine lining and the biopsy comes back negative. If you are able to have hormones than the doctor will prescribe a form of birth control pill that contains either just progesterone or both estrogen and progesterone which will give you a period so that you can shed the lining. The doctor may also just perform a D&C to clean out the lining. How do they know you do not have any uterine polyps--you usually can not see that on an ultrasound unless they do a special kind of ultrasound.
I had a lining that measured 18mm and the biopsy came back normal, my doctor did a hystroscope and d&c. He found that I in fact had a large uterine polyp. He removed it and I have fine.

When do you see the doctor for your biopsy? Word to the wise--take some Advil or extra strength Tylenol one hour before the procedure, this will help with the cramping.

Let me know how you do--Good Luck


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