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Well lets see, so far my story doesn't compare to some of the women out there but I am concerned nonetheless.

I am 51 yrs. old and have not had a period for about 2 years. Major problems with hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats so turned to a 'natural product' that you are to take for three months - go off for three months - go back on if needed for three months, etc. Well took the product for the full 3 months and within 10 days had a full blown period show up. Coincidentally, I had an appt. with my Gyn. already scheduled and told her about the situation. She became suddenly very interested and concerned at the same time that I had a period occur after almost two years and said that was considered abnormal and that I should have a biopsy. Well since I was there for my pap anyways I said to go ahead and do the biopsy at the same time. I did have someone with me whom I brought in to stay with me and to squeeze his hand during the painful part of the procedure and man did it cause cramping. While she was in there doing the biopsy she observed a polyp which I also had removed - why not get it all done at the same time. I have had numerous polyps over the years. She told me that first thing is to see what the biopsy shows and if I have anymore bleeding then we would immediately schedule an ultrasound and probably a D&C. I am obviously going through the waiting stage to find out what the results of my biopsy are and I am a bit nervous.

Guess my question is to those who have gone through this is how many of you, if any, started bleeding after taking some type of hormone replacement. I honestly did not realize I was taking a hormone replacement when I began taking this product. It helped greatly with my menopausal symptoms. When I called the manufacturer of the product - and told them that I got a period only 10 days after stopping the product they claimed that my body obviously is back on tract and the hormone levels have leveled out to that of what my body was prior to menopause. At first I was excited but guess that was the wrong thing to be feeling.

My blessings to anyone out there that is dealing with menopausal bleeding, or anything of the sort with uterine biopsy, D&C, etc. I am here to talk to if you need and would love to hear back from others that may have experienced the same type of thing I am going through.

Many blessings, Linda

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