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I had been bleeding and had huge uterus. After 6 units red blood and three units plasma, it was decided to try ablation first to stop the bleeding, remove thick endometruim. A biopsy was performed. I will not see my DR for two more weeks.
It appears not the best news but would like feedback

Fragments of benign endometrial polyp and benign proliferative

Endometrium with Ciliary Metaplasia

EndoCervical Squamous Metaplasia and Microglandular Hyperplasia
Comment: code 2

I have been looking this up and seems to be beginning of cervical cancer which is interesting since have not had sex in 10 years and pap smear at least 8 times in that time. All Negative. It is what it is. I am guessing the code 2 is staging 2 for the level and they also ran a CA125 which was 37 slightly elevated but that is just a marker for future treatment and levels.

I want all my ducks in a row and info in hand with all questions before I meet with the DR. I have a distant cousin dealing with cancer now and they lied all the way down the line with him and my adoptive mother they did the same thing. I want all info so I can make the best decisions for my health and not screw around. I am hoping for feedback on any and all of what is in the biopsy. Please I need info. :dizzy:

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