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I just got a call from the physician assistant who ordered an ultrasound for me because of my complaints of pelvic pain for the past month. I also had some UTI symptoms for which they treated me for, even though they said the urine same was negative. The first words she said were that I needed to have a biopsy. I thought and prayed she would have said everything was okay. But a biopsy? She said my uterine endometrial (sp) wall was thickened. I asked her if I should be scared, she paused and exhibited concern, and told me, "Not yet, wait and see what the biopsy showed' This is all I can remember her saying. I was at work and shaking. I am scared to death!!!!! I just had results from my pap and full blood lab, and everything was normal, with the exception of elevated chloride, which she said could just be a sign of dehydration. I had a cervical polyp removed a few years ago, but they couldn't get it all. They did a biopsy on that and said it was fine, no cancer. Are they looking for cancer in this order for a biopsy? Could the thickened lining be normal??? I have hypothyroidism, could it be related? Am I doomed? I am wondering what i am in for if the results came back abnormal. What will that mean? I have an achy pain inside for about 2 weeks, then when my monthly comes, the pain goes away, after monthly goes away, the ache comes back. I feel it inside my what I think to be cervix area (that far up), and an occasional pain on the outside of my vaginal area, both sides. No spotting though, no discharge, 28 day cycle. Sorry for the long and graphic post, praying for some support. I just found this site. My head, heart and body feel like they are going to literally explode. Thank you in advance for replies and support. Biopsy is Thursday. I am 45, have 4 grown kids, and 6 wonderful grandkids whom I love dearly. :confused:
[QUOTE=caring12;4319133]hyperplasia. i do not have ins. so i opted for a drug i could afford. depo pills and it slought it all out. uterine fibroids. that was to start. i had more lol!

have you been feeling a pressure down there especially on your pelvis at times or tail bone? i was and since it sloughed offi feel better. warning if they go that route you will bleed and you will see big long parts of tissue coming out. when it came out i was like how can this all be good? but it is.[/QUOTE]

Shoot! Because you didn't have insurance you had to take less care? That is sad. Pressure feels like up inside like my cervix. Sometimes in my vagina area, outter lips, but inside) (sorry for graphics), and MAYBE my tail bone. It goes away once my monthly hits, and last month, the first day of monthly was, sorry, more graphics here, almost like dried up blood coming out, and dark dead looking stuff for first day or two, then third day, normal color flow, then 4th day, gone! I usually on have 3-4 day periods anyway. I also have gassy stomach every day. I just wonder if my polyp grew back or if they see part of what they couldnt remove (different doctors) and think that it is a mass or something. Although she specifically said thickened endometrial lining. She said it was beyond her scope. She is a physician assistant. I pray I don't have cancer. I am going out of my mind. I should have just went to a gynocologist to begin with! Take care!! Thanks bunchs for your support and replies.

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