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[QUOTE=caring12;4319152]your pain was my discomfort. tail bone stuff was waking me up. got worse before it was dx.
i had insurance for years but i have a disabled child so i cannot work full time. i do work but no benefits.
the thickened endo is just like what they saw with me. a pa saw mine then sent me to an obygyn here. local hospital and isnur. corp together had a pay as you go thing. 40 for the ultrra 40 for the obgyn. first med she gave me was like 200 bucks. so we settled on the depo.
it means you have a higher level of estrogen and had low progesterone.
i had been on prog meds before. a chemical dc. that lip pressure was getting bad. they also saw two ovaraion cystets and 2 uterine fibroids and some nabothian cysts on the cervic. the nab is like a pimple. lol

the biopsy is quick. hurt a tad more than the cervical ones. take a day or 2 then you will now. i hope it is not cancer. buti know how you feel. i thought ok now what GOD. i thought gee i should have abused ,my body! i keep telling the family i am going to start drinking, carousing and be bad. being good to my body has not helped lol. i had to find humor out of all this or I was going to get really down. i am like you worry to death. this actually helped me realized i have to work harder no not doing that.
let me know the resuts. do not do what i did. go looking at pics on the net, saw that and the fibroids. freaked myself out![/QUOTE]

:):) I feel like I won the lottery!!! I went to the specialist who read the ultrasound results and said that I did not need a biopsy, the ultrasound was normal, the lining was thick because of the time of the month that they did the ultrasound!!! :angel: She did a pelvic exam, a pretty thorough one, I would have kicked her had I not just been given a new lease on life, but she twisted everything around and found the pain that I was having. She knew what she was doing, did it again to confirm, and found that the pain was on my right ovary, an infection, so gave me two weeks of antibiotics. She said my uterus was a little big, but I have had 4 kids and stretched it out. The Physician Assistant just did not know how to read the sonogram. And I only blame myself and have learned from this. When I called to make an appointment with my doctor ( A male) I always ask for a female for these type of appointments, so they ask me if a PA is okay. I say yes. NEVER AGAIN! See a true gynocologist! Male or not. I think vaginal ultrasounds should be as routine as the pap smear. Take care of yourself.

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