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Hello darkwater and rosequartz,

Thanks so much for responding. I appreciate it very much! I have been going back and forth all day as to whether to call and set up an appointment with the VA about this. I'm half of the mind to give it a few more months and see if it doesn't clear up on it's own. Then I think of the clots - which have subsided for this cycle, thankfully.

I am about to start a new job and going to appointments will be tough for me. I'll be on a probationary status there, and the staffing company I'll be working for has informed me that the company is a stickler for having people there every day and on time. I'll just have to "suck it up and drive on" as my drill sergeants used to say. At least until my probationary time has come & gone.

I appreciate your words of advice. You ladies are awesome. As soon as my probationary time period ends, I will make an appointment to speak with my nurse about all of this and see what steps she recommends. If I don't feel comfy with it, I'll say so... I have learned to be a squeaky wheel.

Thanks again, and I will be back on these boards to let you know what they say is going on in a few months.


[QUOTE=darkwater;4612557]Hi, there. I also had cervical dysplasia and a colposcopy in my 20's, I am 42 now. I would think the next step would be to have an endometrial biopsy done and see what that says. You should also have a vaginal ultrasound to look at the thickness of the endometrial lining, that does give some key information. Although biopsies are not 100% for ruling out endometrial cancer, but unless you want to go whole hog and have a D&C, that's all there is.

I used to think they were 100% accurate, but early in 2009, I had one done and got results back that said I was in the clear. A month later I had a D&C to treat pelvic pain and heavy periods and when the labs from that came back, I was "suddenly" diagnosed with hyperplasia with atypia, which is only one step removed from being cancerous. Cells do not change in one month, they take quite some time to progress to that state, so the biospy was wrong. I use the word wrong, but I think it would be more accurate to say biopsies are incomplete. After all, they are only a sample of one area, who is to say about the areas that they did not sample?

Good luck finding solutions and peace of mind, dear![/QUOTE]

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