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21yo worrying!
Nov 5, 2010
Hi all.

I was dx with PCOS back when I was 17 due to the fact that I never started my periods..

2 years ago I bled consistantly for 4 months and had to be put on hormone tablets to stop the DR at the time thought I had a miscarriage even though I hadnt had intercourse for a long hm he no longer practices as a GP btw.

Anyway, something soon started to concern me..
Everytime I slept with someone, i would pretty much always bleed...and i mean heavy..during and after for about 3 days...i used to be in so much pain that it put me off sex.

I told my doctor this finally August 12 of this year..I had a pelvic exam which seemed normal to the female nurse. She took some swabs and sent them away to be checked. Over here in the UK, you have to be 25 or over to have a smear/pap so i wasn't allowed one.

August 24th i received a letter tell me that I had been rapidly referred to the gyno clinic at the main hospital in my county.
I had a trans vag ultrasound and the nurse said that it looked like i had two very large polyps in my womb and that i would be scheduled in for a day case hysteroscopy.
My operation took place on oct 13. My surgeon came back to see me after the op and said that there was no polyps in my womb but a massive build up of endometrium. He said that he performed a d/c and that I would receive my results from my local GP within the next 2/3 weeks or so..

well i got my letter on monday this week and was told that instead of going to my local gp, i have to go back to hospital with someone...

I'm now really scared about what they're going to say.
I'm aware that being obese & diabetic increases my risk as well as having pcos..

Is there anyone out there around my age reading this?
Whenever I look up info on dysplasia it points to endometrium cancer........but it usually always says it effects postmeno women...

please help..


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