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Navajo: Are you overweight? Extra fat can increase your remaining estrogen which is unopposed by progesterone which, in turn, can thicken the endometrium. Yes, a D&C is one option, but a simpler one is an endometrial biopsy which is done in the dr. office. I am 64 and obese. Nine years ago I had very light spotting and an US was done.... endo was 25! Biopsy showed complex hyperplasia atypia which is the worst of the 4 stages of endo thickening. 25-30% develop cancer if left untreated. Total hysterectomy was recommended. After a lot of research, I chose, instead, to go on Megace, a synthetic progestin. I told the gynecological oncologist who recommended the hyster that when he could prove I had cancer, then we would talk hyster. To shorten the story..... Megace (later switched to Prometrium) has controlled the endo.... no sign of the complex atypia..... go in every 12-18 months for US. Just had one this month.... endo was at 5. Have had 2 D&Cs and about 8 or 9 US plus 3-4 biopsies (mainly when first diagnosed) over past almost 10 years. Feel these minor inconveniences are much more preferable to a hyster. Moral: have it checked out, but don't get rushed into a hyster.... there is an alternative.

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