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Well, it depends on the diagnosis. Make sure it is correct first of all. If it is very early stage or stage 1 or 2, then you may not need any chemo or radiation. Removal is enough. You don't want to get chemo unnecessarily. It is scary and no one wants it to come back.

I am in 10 year remission and I had chemo also. I had uterine cancer and it was high grade sarcoma in stage 3. I am cured because sarcoma in the uterine is rare. I had 50% chance in 2000.

Do you have cancer or is it just pre-cancer? Anyway I hope it will be fine and don't worry!
It depends on what the oncologist thinks. Check with the doctor thoroughly before you do anything.

Erin, I am glad you had done the surgery. It is good the cancer is gone. I hope it will be Ok because it is early stage. I am sorry that you have problem with your bladder. I was not so bad except I was weak afterwards and then I waited one month before I started chemo.
Be positive and I hope your bladder will recover ASAP.

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