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I am a 40yr old woman. I recently saw my[B]new[/B] gyne for extremely heavy periods. My iron levels are low and I am so tired.
I had been told approx 4 years ago that the uterine lining is very thick. How thick? I dunno.
My GP had said at my last physical in Dec that she could feel my uterus when palpating my abdominals.
The Gyne attempted to perform an endometrial biopsy but couldn't get the "q-tippy thingy" into my uterus because it (the lining) was too thick. She immediately scheduled me for a d&c which is happening in March. This is moving too fast for me and it is scaring me. I keep reading endo hyperplasia---->cancer!
Someone please tell me that this happened to you and you are just fine!
Thank you! :eek:

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