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There is the ca-125, but it is not very useful in premenopausal women, because there are many benign things which can cause false positives.

There is a trans-vaginal ultrasound, which can give the doctor a very clear and accurate image of the ovaries and the uterine lining.
From this, the doctor can see whether the ovaries are the right size and whether they have any cysts on them, and even what kind of cysts (functional or complex). The doctor can see the inside of your uterus, whether it has any unusual lumps or bumps, how thick the lining is.
If your lining is thick or suspicious-looking, the doctor might recommend an endometrial biopsy or even a D&C, so that the lining can be evaluated in a lab.

I cannot imaging a malignant tumor the size of a grapefruit (or any size other than microscopic, really) being overlooked, with all the technology they have today.
Your sister's doctor must have been horribly incompetent.
I would not worry about the same thing happening to you.
It must've been a one-in-a-million occurrence.

Best of luck.

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