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A month ago I had a uterine biopsy that showed pre-cancer cells. Two weeks later I had a D & C and hysteriscope. They removed a large polyp, the beginning of several small possible polyps on my cervix, and the uterine lining. The pathology report came back benign. Great news, but where did the pre-cancer cells go in those 2 weeks? Do these things disappear, or could the pathology report be wrong. I had a pap and HPV test at the first appointment and they were negative. Also have cysts on both ovaries and a large mass on the left ovary they are watching and doing another sonogram of. Worried something will be missed. Also 2 weeks out from surgery and started spotting again. Thought spotting between cycles was supposed to go away after lining was thinned. Any helpful information would be great.

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