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(Sorry this is a little long. I posted on the Endo board, and have yet to get any advise)
I am a 26 yr old, never been pregnant. I started my period at 10 yrs old, and started having issues around 12. Inconsistant cycles, heavy bleeding, intense pain, nausea and vomiting, back and leg pain, migraines, as I got older pain with sex and bad cramping afterwards, and my menstrual pain was constant even when I wasn't on my period. When I was 17, I bleed heavly for almost a month straight, and my Dr. discovered I was anemic, put me on Iron sups and finally referred me to a gyn. I had pelvis and t/v ultrasounds and was told I had a cyst on my left ovary. I was put in b/c (orthotricyclin) to help with the pain and to regulate my cycle. After 7-8 months, the pill made things worse. Shorter cycles, heavier bleeding, so I was swiched to Diane 35. This time my cycles went almost 60 days and the bleeding stayed the same. I moved out of the city and had trouble finding a new Dr., but did find a NP who perscribed Naproxen for the pain. It has never really completely worked, just dulled the pain to a tollerable level.
Two years ago, I noticed that I had this weird pulling/tearing sensation in my lower right pelvis, mostly when I stretched or coughed. Had ultrasound done, nothing there. The pain wasn't going away, and I started to have bowel issues. Constipation or diareha, no inbetween, and major stomach cramping. I had more ultrasounds (pelvis, and abdominal), nothing found.
Last year was a rough one. In March, my live in Father in law was diagnosed with Esophegeal Cancer (surgery and 18 weeks of chemo, all clear now), in June my maternal aunt was moved into palitive care after fighting Breast Cancer for 7 years that ended up metastasized everywhere. (She was only 48 years old when she passed away in Sept.) Then in November, my husband and I were in a car accident and he broke his back. (100% okay now after 2 surgerys) To say that I was stressed out is a little bit of an understatement, and I neglected myself ignoring symptoms.
Once thing started settling down this year, I started paying attention and knew that something was not right. Along with my ongoing bowel, stomach and pelvic issues, I was now having bladder issues. Always had to go, could not hold it without pain. If I felt the slightest urge to go, I had to do it right away. It never feels like I can empty my bladder completely, and it hurts my abdomen when I go. So off I go to the Dr.(finally got one) and sent for more ultrasounds, urine tests, bloodwork. Nothing found, no infections, still anemic, but all other levels okay. I had asked him about the CA125 due to my family history.(Grandmother, 3 Great Aunts (2 maternal, 1 paternal), Aunt - Breast Cancer, Great Grandmother, 2 Cousins - Ovarian Cancer.) He said I should do the genetic testing, but refused the CA125 as it is not a reliable test. He sent me to a GYN who decided to do a Laparoscopy, Hyteroscopy and D&C to check for Endo. This was all done on 6/14 (I'm still sore) I wont know my results for sure until the 30th, but she did tell me that there was nothing there, except some fluid that she drained off, and sent for testing (I was still groggy so I don't know if it was in my abdomen or uterus) I am driving myself nuts wondering what is wrong with me. Can Ultrasound and Laps miss stuff? If there is no endo, why am I always in pain? What was the fluid from if I had no cysts? :dizzy:

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