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Does anybody know how accurate endometrial biopsy really are? If there is cancer in the uterus, does it show up in every cell or is it possible that there may be cancer cells, but the cells the doctor happens to get in the biopsy are not cancer cells? I'm having a biopsy done tomorrow and the reason I ask is because my mom had a biopsy done on her spine because the doctor suspected cancer. The biopsy came back fine and he told her she just needed pain management for the pain in her back. I didn't believe it and urged her to go to another doctor. She did and the second biopsy definitely showed cancer and further testing showed stage 4 and all throughout her body and she was gone in less than 90 days (I should note it started as colon cancer, not uterine cancer). I'm also concerned because I had an endo biopsy done two years ago and the report said the sample size was not sufficient to determine if cancer was present or not. I wasn't having any symptoms so I just let it go (I was tested because I take Tamoxifen). Now, I am having symptoms and am still on Tamoxifen so I just want to be sure I can really rely on the results. Has anyone ever heard of false negative results?

Thank you!


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