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[QUOTE=leeby01;4827780]The first week of the month I noticed a very sore to the touch only area right above the middle of my pelvis. My period was over, but I thought I pulled a muscle, waited for it to go away. Second week of month, I got bloated, burped often, had lower pelvic pain and pressure, back pain, very little appetitite. Tried going to OB, they said go to GP. Went there, and they found microscopic blood in urine and put me on Bactrim for a few days longer than they would usually give a patient since I had it so long. She also said I had to drink more due to dehydration. Third week my stomach was sore to the touch. Today I finished the Bactrim and although some bloat has went down, I'm still not in my usual clothes. I burp after everything I eat or drink and I'm still only eating one meal a day. I look pregnant and I"m uncomfortable. Pain is better, but not gone. Anyone have any input? I'm taking Gas X and Pepto as well when the pressure is too much. Had kid appts. today so I'm calling my doc back tomorrow. I want to show her an article I just got in a mag. that lists symptoms of ovarian cancer. I have them. When I mentioned that at my first appt. she couldn't believe I even thought of that. So what does this sound like? Could it only be a UTI? I am already higher risk for breast cancer and get mammo every year.[/QUOTE]

I don't think this is UTI only. UTI does not make you bloat or have pelvic pain. Usually UTI is about bladder and the urinary tract, and kidney.

You should ask the GP to test your blood test CA125 Ovarian cancer marker and also ask for a scan to look at the pelvic area for kidney, bladder and uterus/ovary. An ultrasound test can see the ovaries or uterus.

So it does not hurt to check on it.
If there is something wrong, then the GP will refer you to the OB/GYN. However, as a woman, you should have a regular OB/GYN to check your pap smear and etc. (Some GPs do it too.)

Good luck,

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