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Always get a second opinion if you're not comfortable with the first.
I had a very large polyp, and polyps are NOT the same thing as fibroid tumors. My biopsy came back good, I am so thankful! To answer your question, I, at times, felt pressure in my bladder. Since you are still having periods, it's possible that you could have fibroids that are causing the excessive bleeding. But any over growth in the uterine lining needs to be fully evaluated to rule out cancer so please make sure you go to a doctor who will rule it out. If an in-office biopsy is done, they only take one small area to test. A hysteroscopy needs to be done to look at the inside of the uterus and enough tissue taken for biopsy to make sure there is no cancer. Since you are still having your periods, it's not likely you'd have cancer
(it occurs mostly in post menopausal women) and the uterine lining may have just enlarged because of your period and if so, it should go back to normal size when your period is over. Thanks for writing! Don't worry about your situation but do go to a doctor who will fully evaluate you!! Blessings to you!
Sorry I got that wrong my friend had polyps too that were not seen on an ultrasound, another friend has had fibroids which are clearly seen on ultrasounds,the friend who went in to her dr was 52 she was then sent for a hystoscope plus biopsy and was told a currette, when she woke up the Dr said he removed 2 large polyps and all is fine now for her.
I have had about 7 or more ultrasounds in 2 or 3 yrs because of fallopian issues and I have noticed the 1 done last July 2010 was only 0.1mm the difference and considered normal for the part of my cycle I was at. I needed another scan in Sept 2010 and it was back to normal size so I can assume this time its nothing again. It is hard being I have massive adhesions inside from an exploded appendix when I was 8 and a severe fallopian infection when I was 26, the tube got so big that it attached itself to the bowel, anyway I suffer time to time with fluid buildup(hydrosaplinx) in the tube and just have to monitor this but my anual check up is in 5 weeks so just to be safe ill request blood test check for T cells(cancer) also a follow up ultrasound after my periods is finished to check its normal again. Thanks for advie and glad ur result was normal :)

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